Northampton is a borough in Northampton County, Pennsylvania that is located in the Lehigh Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania. The borough is home to more than 14,990 individuals and it offers residents a unique lifestyle characterized by culture, tradition, history, entertainment, recreation and so much more. The Northampton Homes for Sale are constantly in high demand due to the popularity of the area and the charming lifestyle that so many individuals actively seek. Whether you are interested in a traditional single-family property, a historic property, a modern condo or a unique real estate opportunity you are sure to find it in Northampton. Northampton is located eight miles north of Allentown and 15 miles west of Easton.

Homes for Sale in Northampton

Northampton was once a global center for the manufacturing of Cement and the Atlas Portland Cement Company was based here until it closed in 1982. The town has a rich history that is lovingly preserved and celebrated and you can still find many historical landmarks, buildings and attractions on a short tour of the borough. There are also many older Homes for Sale in Northampton that are traditionally designed and offer buyers vintage and historical detail and construction. Whether you are interested in a brand new home in Northampton or a good deal on Bucks County Short Sale Properties connect with the expert Bucks County Realtors at Olde Towne Real Estate today for more information about Northampton and for professional assistance for your real estate needs.

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