Property Management

Property Management


Olde Towne Real Estate

Olde Towne Real Estate has been managing investment properties for over thirty years.  As practitioners in real estate in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey since 1969, investment advisers and investors, there isn’t a problem we have not resolved. WithOlde Towne Property Management you have a company eager to share its knowledge with clients and fellow Realtors.

This is a full time endeavor practiced and administered by professional property managers.  As a result we have gained the experience and knowledge which will eliminate the trials, tribulations, and anxieties which one normally encounters with less experienced and professional companies, or through ones own efforts.  As both investors and managers we know what you want from an organization caring for your investment assets/dollars.  Every property we manage is treated as if it were one of our own!

The benefit of our management experience will help you save money while enhancing your wealth position. When you use Olde Towne Property Management you gain our experience and know how in screening and qualifying clients.  Our goal is to secure tenants who will treat your property with respect, pay on time, and keep us informed if there are any problems.

Additional benefits which accrue to you through the use of Olde Towne Property Management are the use of our tried and true vendors.  We provide many trade professionals a great deal of business.  Our requirement to be recommended and used by our company is they respond quickly, do a good job, charge a fair price, and inform us if it is a tenant caused problem. Through the use of our recommended, tried and true contractors, you are not left to the macerations of contacting an unknown contractor; hoping they respond in a timely fashion and do not charge you an unwarranted fee.

The following is a list of tasks which are routinely performed.  However, through the use of Olde Towne Property Management you gain the benefit of our lease endorsements which go over and above the standard lease to protect the owner.  We protect your interests in every way possible.

Our list of satisfied clients include Homeowners Associations, small strip shopping centers, small office buildings, apartment complexes, duplexes, row homes, condominiums, town-homes and single family homes.  We can make your life easier while your property grows in value.

1.  Initial inspection and familiarization with vacant properties.  Recommendations would be made as to what should be considered to make your property more rentable.

2.  If the property is currently occupied; send a letter to all tenants informing them of the new management company with contact information and address where rents should be sent.

3.  After each vacancy we inspect the property and have our contractors, with your approval, paint, carpet, clean, etc. when required.

4.  Thoroughly screen and qualify all potential tenants.

5.  Preparation of leases which has our time proven clauses to protect you and insure all rents will be received on time.  We require the first month, last month, and one month Security upon the signing of a lease with a qualified tenant.  Our leases also contain late penalties of 5% if more than 5 days late, 10% if more than ten days late, and 15% if more than 15 days late.

6.  Field all tenant calls in the event of problems and send our contractors out, with your permission, to immediately correct the problem.  As mentioned, the sub contractors/vendors we use are instructed to respond quickly, do a quality repair, and charge our client a fair price.  As a result of the volume of business we provide, they adhere to our demands.  If they do not, our relationship is terminated.  They know we want our clients treated fairly.

7.  We hold all escrow and security deposits in our account with the client’s social security number attributed to that deposit

8.  Each month we disburse received rents by the 10th of the month.  A monthly statement is forwarded showing all income and expenses.

9.  Annually we prepare end of year statements indicating total income and expenses for each building.

10.  Our goal is to assume the responsibility of your investments: thereby permitting you to do the things in life which are more enjoyable.


Contact us to discuss your property management questions and needs.  We are sure the time spent will be worth the effort!